#18 Sia

9 12 2008

Thanks to Think Pink for the heads up on her music (and for generally being awesome).  We saw the CDs in Starbucks’ racks several months ago, but were very unsure what to make of it because of the cover.  Behold:

If only I were a bonafide GFY girl…anyway;

I’m going to let you read Think Pink’s review of her album and leave you with this, one of my fave songs from her on Hypem today: Electric Bird

This remix of Buttons is pretty fuckin’ fabulous too (better than the CSS Remix), especially for all you desk sitters at the 3:00 PM slump.




2 responses

9 12 2008

Hm. Now that I look at this album cover one more time I’m strangely reminded of that backwards “B” idiot of the anti-Obama fame. Anyone else coming with me on that strange link…?

11 09 2009

Omg. It all makes sense now.
lol jk. Ive loved sia FOREVER. her voice and songs are soooo amazing. “some people have real problems” is full of awesome songs, one of my fav albums

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