#17: National Coming Out Day

11 10 2008

We already told you about the revolving closet and how bisexuals can never really “come out,” which is why it helps to have nationally-recognized days of celebration in order to make our declarations, which are often taken as whimsical asides, really stick. October 11th is National Coming Out Day, where queers in the US come together to make terrible public service announcement videos and wear pink. Oh, and talk about awareness. As evidenced by the official logo,

today is the day we recognize genderless stick figures with Tourett’s syndrome impersonate Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Seriously, what is this about? It’s bad enough that the RAINBOW is the official palette of choice for all parades, potlucks and other media events (try making any rainbow outfit not look like you’ve just graduated from clown college; it’s impossible. Not even Lindsay Lohan can do it, and we LOVE LiLo).

As much as we loathe the rainbow, bisexuals do love any excuse to party and NCOD is just as good a reason as any. “It’s Thursday” is also a good reason. But in addition to the national holiday, we also have cause to celebrate because Connecticut just legalized gay marriage, making it the third state in the U.S. to do so. Only 47 to go! No matter that the US is behind South Africa on this issue, and they just discovered apartheid was maybe a bad idea.  In honor of our country’s progress, we highly suggest you go out with your pink triangles a’blazin’. Make a YouTube video! Craft a sign that says “USGAY” and wear it at the next McCain rally! Start drinking at 10am and don’t stop until the election is over! However you decide to mark the momentous occasion, know that we bisexuals are behind you. Literally. If your LGBT allies can’t give you a reach around, then I don’t know who will.




2 responses

11 10 2008

Wow Rainbow Brite is all grown up and out of rehab. I mean, the closet.

21 03 2009

Do we loathe the rainbow? I dig the rainbow. But pink, purple and blue are prettier together.

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