#11: Hating on Katy Perry

14 08 2008

Not since Tila Tequila (#3) has a celebrity been worthy of such scorn. Katy Perry is the hot new pop tart who croons that godawful mess, “I Kissed a Girl”. Bisexuals everywhere remember Jill Sobule’s 1995 ballad of the same name, which included the sweet lyrics, “And we laughed at the world” and the refreshing, “I kissed a girl / Won’t change the world / But I’m so glad”. It was a song about a foray into bisexuality that we could sing along to and be proud of.

And then came Katy Perry. Taking her fashion cue from 1960s soul throwback Amy Winehouse (guilty pleasure of bisexuals everywhere), Katy Perry purrs about kissing girls and a boyfriend so metrosexual it hurts on her new album. Countless blogs have been written about this song. Is it a demeaning exploitation of Girls Gone Wild gay-for-pay catered toward masculine fantasies of lesbians? With lyrics like “No I don’t even know your name / It doesn’t matter / You’re my experimental game”, Katy Perry is in the same league as tax-evading Joe Francis. She uses and dismisses an unknown cherry-Chapsticked woman in her quest for the social capital of a bisexual encounter. (“I hope my boyfriend doesn’t mind it”? Are you fucking kidding me?) Is it a fun romp exploring society increasing acceptance of non-hegemonic gender expressions? “Just human nature / It’s not what / Good girls do / Not how they should behave”. Possibly. But a better song would be “I Kissed a Girl (Fuck the Hierarchical Gender Binary)”. Now that I would listen to!

And let’s not talk about the music video. Katy Perry surrounded by lingerie-clad girls having a pillow fight. Did Joe Francis direct this video? Just to assure the straight folk everywhere, she wakes up safely in bed beside a dude, presumably the possibly slighted boyfriend (in Perryspeak, “bf”). Is this really want adventures in bisexuality looks like because damn, have I apparently been missing out. (In this blogger’s opinion, a far more enticing video is Dragonette’s “I Get Around”.)

There’s really nothing new that can be said her about her, other than the painfully obvious: bisexuals love to hate on this pop tart. Her pseudo-crooning pop drivel makes us want to go straight. (Shudder!) She reconfirms all those truly ridiculous bisexual stereotypes and embodies everything we’re sick of hearing about bisexuals. And this is spoken as a bisexual woman. Her anti-femme-boy dis “UR So Gay” would piss me off if I were a bisexual or gay man.

So, do us a favor, Katy Perry, and study up on Peaches’ “I U She”. Now there’s a song bisexuals can be proud of! (“I don’t have to make the choice / I like girls and I like boys”.) In the mean time, at least we can get our kicks hating the hell out of this British invasion wannabe. “I got so brave, drink in hand”? I think she just discovered the entire basis of the GLBTQQKIM movement. Hell, Stonewall started at a bar!




2 responses

14 08 2008

i’ve got to admit that i actually rather like that song.

though that is mainly because when i first heard it – only a week ago, “early” in the morning, while trying to convince body and mind that it was time to rise even though we’d only had three hours of rest – it sounded like a very uplifting and happy song. neither did i mind too much when it subsequently subsequently got utterly stuck in my head; it gave a good counterweight while having to spend the day disguised as a boy.

though after actually listening to the lyrics and seeing the video i’m more than willing to join in the hating. just as long as i can still sing the song every so often.

i love being so full of contradiction. *nodyes*

14 08 2008

Always always astute! But if you weren’t full of contradiction, you wouldn’t be reading the blog. (I hope.) : )

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